Here you will find latest version of rules developed and approved by national federations and released for international use. The Novuss Game Rules are based on rules of the Latvian Novuss Federation dtd. 28 December 2016 which came into effect on 1 January 2017.

Tournament Guidelines

Here you will find latest version of tournament recomendations.

Here you will find latest version of attachments:

  • Template for Tournament regulations (.doc file);
  • Template for registration of participants (.doc file);
  • Template for participants list (.xls file)

Recommendations for Referees

These guidelines offer detailed instructions on the role and responsibilities of referees, as well as guidelines for making accurate decisions during competitions.


Templates for referees

To support the work of the referees of competitions, we have prepared several templates for different tournament systems. The following tournament systems are the most common for novuss competitions:

  • Round Robbin or all against all;
  • Swiss system;
  • Knockout system (K.-o.) or double knockout system;
  • Ranglist system.


The publication is designed for a wide audience, which is why it is called “a book for children and adults”. The “ABC of Novuss” is interesting for players who are only taking their first steps in Novuss, coaches working with children.