Novuss Game Rules

The Novuss Game Rules were developed and approved by the Board of the Latvian Novuss Federation on 28 December 2016, and came into effect on 1 January 2017.

Initial state

Before the game, the participants must prepare (rub, polish) the table with the powder. The participants themselves arrange the game discs on the table and position themselves on the opposite side of the table.

2 players

4 players

The Game

The player who has the right to strike first, places the puck on the edge zone of his/her side and strikes it with the cue (the narrow tip of the cue), aiming it at the game discs.

The stroke is counted as made, if the cue has touched the puck. During the game (set) the participants must not touch the table surface with their hands or fingers. After a successful stroke, when one or more of the game discs have been pocketed and no violations have been committed, the participant continues with the series of strokes.

The winner of the set is the participant, who is the first to pocket all his/her game discs.

Direct strokes

The participant may strike all his/her light discs with direct strokes.
Light disc is a participant’s game disc located on the game table, that is not in the dark area or the line off the dark area is visible through its hole.


The participant may strike all his/her game discs with a backstroke.
Dark discs must not be struck directly. They can be struck only:

  • with a puck, which has previously touched the opposite edge;
  • with a puck that has previously touched its light disc;
  • with its light disc;

Penalty disc

The Participant loses the right to strike and a penalty disc is placed for him/her in the following cases:

  • if the puck falls into the pocket;
  • if the puck jumps over the table edge;
  • if after a direct stroke the puck do not touches the opponent’s game disc or his/her and the opponent’s game disc at the same time, while there are light discs on the table;
  • if after a direct stroke the puck first touches the opponent’s game disc or his/her and the opponent’s game disc at the same time;
  • if after a backstroke the puck first touches the opponent’s game disc, while there are light discs on the table;
  • if the participant moves one of the game discs with a direct stroke in his/her edge zone, or one of his/her game discs in the middle circle, or moves one of his/her or the opponent’s game discs with a stroke against the rules, the position of the moved game disc is restored.

The penalty disc is placed directly on the middle line of the edge zone, close to the edge on the opponent’s side. If this space is occupied, the penalty disc is placed as close to the middle line as possible without moving the other game discs.

Losing the rights to stroke

The participant loses the right to strike:

  • if within the current stroke the participant does not pocket any of his/her game discs;
  • if the participant pockets the opponent’s game disc together with his/her own disc;
  • if as a result of the stroke a game disc of the participant or the opponent jumps over the edge, lands on the edge or touches any object outside the table surface;
  • if a violation is committed, for which a penalty disc is placed;
  • if when making a stroke without any dark discs of the participant on the table, the puck slides over the participant’s own edge zone line within a backward movement, i.e., the line is no longer visible through the puck hole.