First intercontinental conference in Estonia, Johvi, 23. August.


First international conference in Estonia, Johvi, 23. August. Thanks to all participants, who are investing private time as volunteers to bring Novuss sport forward.


  • 8:00 Introduction / organizational issues
  • 8:15 Roadmap of the project
  • 8:30 Review – rules of Novuss game and discussions
  • 9:00 Coffee break
  • 9:30 Review – rules of Novuss game and discussions
  • 12:00 Lunch & coffee break
  • 12:45 Summarization of the results and To-Do-s
  • 15:00 Finisch

Roadmap of the project

Mr. Paegle presented roadmap of the project – see attached slides.

International web platform is prepared and is used for publishing of all results of this project and not only limited to the results. Platform is used also for publishing of status about international competitions as well.

The Novuss Game Rules developed and approved by the Board of the Latvian Novuss Federation has been translated to English, Russian, German, French and Russian languages. Why Russian, this the language which can be used by the most experienced experts from Estonia and Latvia for more detailed clarifications and discussions to create common understanding about the rules.
Currently these rules are in use for international competitions, bud needs to be reviewed.
Target of the meeting today is to review these rules and to discuss critical, not clear or miss understandable definitions in these rules.

First draft of tournament recommendations and guidelines has been prepared, which describe how to prepare middle size of big competitions, how to do budget planning, describes general organisational topics and also contains some checklists and templates which can help organization committee.
There will be required also Transnational project meeting for more detailed review of this document.

Referee’s guidelines are currently in progress. There is also first draft ready, but needs to be reviewed. Main content of this document is, what kind of roles and tasks has referees committee, whit kind of tournament systems are popular for Novuss competitions, what kind of software and how can be used?

Software for referees
Currently in progress

Recommendations for trainings
Not started